How to add team members to Asters

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step guide

⏰ Time: 5 minutes

➊ Click on the settings wheel ⚙️

➋ Then click on "Workspace"

➌ Choose the workspace to which you want to invite a team member. Then click on "Edit" next to the specific workspace

➍ The first thing to do is to create the role for the person you want to invite to that workspace. Click on "Manage role"

➎ Then click on "Add role"

➏ Give a name to the role you want to create and then click on "Save"

➐ Further, choose the type of access, what you want the person using this role within Asters to be able to do, and finally click on "Add role"

 📌 You will then see the role, always editable, in list form as below 👇

➑ Click on "Add team member"

➒ Enter the email of the person you want to invite, select the role and finally click on "Invite"

📌 You will get the 'successfully sent' pop-up and see below the member waiting for acceptance

➓ The invited team member will receive an email as below 👇 and she/he/them simply has to accept the invitation

📍 This will lead to the creation of an Asters account once proceed with registration

📝 Accesing his/hers/theirs account the invited person will be able to see and interact in that specific workspace, according to the concessions of their role within Asters

🎉 Yuhu! Congratulations you have learnt how to invite new team members to your Asters environments!

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