⚠️ Important 

↠ Workspaces are individual spaces that allow you to manage different clients social calendars 

↠ The division into workspaces is very useful in that it allows us to:

  1. Link your social profiles to a given workspace
  2. Upload media to a given workspace
  3. See the scheduling of calendar posts in a given workspace

↠ Creating worksapces is completely optional and at your personal discretion

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step guide

⏰ Time: 3 minutes

➊ To manage your workspaces click on "Settings" from the wheel in the upper right corner and then click on "Workspace"

➋ By default "Your personal workspace" is always created in Asters. You can still change its name and insert an image by clicking on the "Pencil" ✏️ to make it easy to find

➌ When you connect social profiles to Asters, you are always asked to assign them to a workspace, and this allows you to organise all your profiles into different categories, based on your personal needs

📌 If you selected your personal default workspace when connecting profiles for the first time, don't worry, you can always move profiles from one workspace to another at any time!

➍ To create a new workspace click on "Create workspace"

➎ Write a workspace name and add a logo/image (optional), then click "Save"

➏ To manage your workspaces go back to your Dashboard (click on the home symbol in the left vertical menu) and at the bottom left of the menu you can see which workspace you are currently in

📌 As already mentioned, all uploaded media and published or scheduled post in a specific workspace are only visible and usable when you are in that workspace.

➐ At any time you can change workspaces by clicking on the bottom left menù and a preview will open as in the picture below 👇 here you can just select the workspace you want to use to change it

🎉 Yuhu! Congratulations you learnt how to use workspaces in Asters!

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